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Pedal It Forward: New Hope Community Bikes

Bike To Work Day registration is now live!


with New Hope Community Bikes!

History of New Hope

New Hope Community Bikes started in 2008 as an initiative of New Hope Church. They are a non-profit registered charity, that seeks to get more people on affordable, reliable bicycles and provide employment and job training opportunities for youth. New Hope believes bicycles can help build a healthier, more environmentally friendly community and that everyone should have access to affordable, efficient transportation.

Ride Smart

New Hope delivers an excellent cycle training program to students grades 4-6, called Ride Smart. The program is designed to develop practical life-long skills through safe cycling and has minimized barriers to participation. The program is completely self contained: New Hope provides the bikes, helmets, instructors, resource materials and even the obstacles needed to set up different scenarios.Talk about Pedaling It Forward!!

Empowering cyclists

New Hope sells used refurbished bikes at extremely affordable prices, and accept some bike donations in any conditions. They also train volunteers in bike repair with a focus on youth. Though they are a full service bike shop, there is also the option to learn to do your own bike repairs. New Hope also offers structured bike repair classes, including women/trans/queer only events, on a monthly basis. These classes teach attendees how to do their own repairs, and be more comfortable overall around a bike. Folks are also always welcome to come by the shop any time during open hours to work on whatever repairs they need, or just to learn more.

On top of all that, New Hope offered a monthly Newcomer night for new Canadians, teaching people to refurbish bikes that they can keep! Everyone is welcome and there’s good food and good fellowship. Wow – we are so impressed by all the phenomenal work this organization is doing to Pedal It Forward right here in Hamilton!

What’s next?

Keep your eyes out for the next Pedal It Forward feature – there are many amazing organizations who are paying it forward by bike here in Hamilton, and we’ll be highlighting them between now and Bike To Work Day on May 29th! Don’t forget to pre-register for the event and of course join the Facebook page for regular news and updates! Happy cycling!


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