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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the mission of Cycle Hamilton? 

A: Cycle Hamilton’s mission is to encourage and facilitate more people cycling in Hamilton. The organisation aims to make cycling accessible, safe, and enjoyable for everyone in the community. This involves advocating for cycling-friendly infrastructure, organising group rides, engaging with businesses and events, providing information through newsletters, and actively working to eliminate barriers that might deter individuals from choosing cycling as a mode of transportation or recreation.

Q: What is our vision? 

A: Cycle Hamilton envisions Hamilton as a premier destination for cycling, aiming for it to become the best place for individuals to navigate and enjoy the city on a bicycle. The organisation strives to create an environment where cycling is not only convenient and safe but also celebrated and embraced by the entire community. 

Q: What are our organisational goals?

A: To generate interest and excitement in cycling through community building and to advocate for safe cycling while keeping members informed. We aim to spark enthusiasm and curiosity about cycling within the Hamilton community. This involves promoting the benefits of cycling, organising events like group rides, and fostering a sense of community among cyclists. We also seek to ensure that cycling remains safe and accessible by advocating for cycling-friendly infrastructure, engaging in consultations, and keeping our members informed about those developments and cycling events.

Q: How does Cycle Hamilton differ from the  Hamilton Cycling Committee?

A: The Hamilton Cycling Committee is one of the advisory committees that reports to the city. It advises the council on cycling infrastructure and safety and is instructed by the city to avoid direct advocacy. Cycle Hamilton is not affiliated with the city. It engages in direct advocacy, including delegating to Public Works, advocating to city staff, ward councillors, and their staff. At times, it partners with the city on cycling-related events. Cycle Hamilton and the Hamilton Cycling Committee do interact, however —; Cycle Hamilton helps to collect feedback from the community and makes sure that the Hamilton Cycling Committee has received this feedback in order to share it with council.

Q: Why should I become a member? 

A: By becoming a member, you help us understand the size and needs of those who cycle or want to cycle in the city. That’s important as we advocate with policymakers like the city and the province. You also are then connected to other cyclists in the community and will be better informed of changes and events that impact you as a cyclist. Members receive regular updates from Cycle Hamilton, enjoy exclusive access to group rides, discounts on cycling merchandise, and the opportunity to engage in advocacy efforts and consultations that aim to improve cycling infrastructure and safety in Hamilton.

Q: Does a Cycle Hamilton paid membership come with perks? 

A: Yes! Members receive a discounted Cycle Hamilton t-shirt, discounts on various cycling-related products/services around the city, access to exclusive events, newsletters with updates on cycling events, infrastructure, and city changes. 

Q: Why should your business support Cycle Hamilton?

A: By supporting Cycle Hamilton through a business membership, your business showcases a commitment to the local community and sustainable transportation, aligning with an organisation dedicated to improving cycling infrastructure in Hamilton. Additionally, becoming a Business Member offers opportunities to expose your business to Hamilton’s cycling community through increased visibility and networking opportunities.

Q: Do we work with the City of Hamilton?

A: Yes! Cycle Hamilton collaborates with the city on multiple fronts including Bike Days, special events like Open Streets, NABSA Ontario Bike Summit, Mobility Lab, and engages in consultations with the city on cycling-related matters.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: There are various ways to engage with us! You can become a member and participate in group rides, volunteer for business or event outreach, join our advocacy efforts, or simply stay informed through our newsletters and social outreach.

Q: What kind of group rides does Cycle Hamilton organise?

A: We host diverse group rides exploring different areas of Hamilton, themed rides, and educational rides focusing on bike safety and local infrastructure. Suggestions for new group rides are always welcome from our members. Follow us on social media or via our newsletter to stay in the loop on upcoming rides.

Q: Is Cycle Hamilton only for experienced cyclists?

A: Not at all! Cycle Hamilton welcomes cyclists of all levels, from beginners to seasoned riders, whether you ride alone or in a group, as a commuter, a way to support clean transportation or for fun or sport. We cater to everyone interested in cycling, whether you’re just starting or have been cycling for years. A safe and accessible city for all cyclists is a shared goal, no matter how and why you get on a bike.