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Pedal It Forward: Sobi Hamilton

Bike To Work Day registration is now live!


We’re going to keep things rolling towards May 29th with another fantastic local organization… SoBi Hamilton!

Sobi’s History

Hamilton was blessed with it’s first bicycle share system in March, 2014. With over 700 bikes – it’s the largest bicycle share in North America! SoBi has been paying it forward to the community in Hamilton by providing fast, convenient, user-friendly and environmentally sustainable mobility options to our residents for over three years now!

The Everybody Rides Initiative

SoBi Hamilton is dedicated to creating and maintaining a bike sharing system that is equitable for all Hamiltonians. This means installing more hubs in accessible locations, providing subsidization to individuals and organizations in need, creating educational training sessions, outreach, and various payment options. SoBi wishes to contribute to a community where money is not a barrier to accessing bikes and everyone can participate in SoBi Hamilton.

More about ERI

The ERI program began as a pilot project in 2015; when SoBi provided subsidized memberships to Wesley Urban Ministries, Welcome Inn, Good Shepherd, Indwell and newcomers. The program was met with great success. Providing affordable mobility in the Hamilton core proved to dramatically improve the lives of many new riders and they continue to grow the program to bring more people into the fold.

What’s next?

Keep your eyes out for the next Pedal It Forward feature – there are many amazing organizations who are paying it forward by bike here in Hamilton, and we’ll be highlighting them between now and Bike To Work Day on May 29th! Don’t forget to pre-register for the event and of course join the Facebook page for regular news and updates! Happy cycling!


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